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    Beautiful Dubrovnik concert


    The Chamber music (trio and duo ) is formed of professional musicians from

    the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra.

    It has performed numerous successful concerts in This church.


    MusicAA (violin, viola)

    Azusa Yamauchi(violin) Alena Sapochka(Viola)


    Trio Domine (flute, violin, viola)

    Slavka jurić (flute)

    Azusa Yamauchi (violin)

    Alena Shapochka(viola)







  • Venue

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    Domino church

    The Domino, or ""All Saints"", Church dates back to the 15th century. Like many other churches in Dubrovnik, it was destroyed by the 1667 earthquake and rebuilt in the baroque style. The altarpiece by Andrea Vaccaro, ""The glory of All Saints"", dates from the 17th century. This church was once the headquarters of the fraternity of stone masons.

  • Concerts


    2019 l 9:00pm(sun)

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    Trio concert

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    Duo concert

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  • Location

    Siroka, 20000, Dubrovnik 20000 Dubrovnik Croatia

  • Booking for Concerts

    You can make a reservation in advance.